Rishikesh Mahakundalini 1 to 7 layers Spiritual Awakening with Rae Chandran

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Arrive Rishikesh and check in to your hotel Aloha on the Ganges - An Exquisite Rishikesh Resort. Refresh and get ready for the Mahakundalini Layer 1 to 5 from 2 pm to 8 pm. After Dinner at the hotel and additional workshop by Sushma Saraf.

Overnight at the Hotel Aloha on the Ganges. ( Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner )


Morning Meditation and I am Presence Yoga Full day Activation of Mahakundalini Layer 6. Additional Workshop by Sushma Saraf.

Overnight at the Hotel Aloha on the Ganges. ( Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner )


Morning Meditation and Animal Yoga.

Full day Activation of Mahakundalini layer 7. Additional Workshop by Sushma Saraf.

Overnight at the Hotel Aloha on the Ganges. ( Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner )


Session by Rae Chandran.

Check out from hotel by 11 am. ( Breakfast )



Rishikesh, India



USD750 per person in 2 Bedroom unit



· 3 Night accommodation in 2 Bedroom Unit / Superior Room at hotel Aloha on the Ganges.

· Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea and Dinner.

· Conference Hall with 01/02 sessions of tea coffee with cookies

· Workshop fees.


· Additional Workshop by Sushma Saraf

· Additional Workshop by Mandala Kabir Rumi

· One of the evening Channelling over Bon fire


The Aloha on The Ganges - Features


1) The Aloha On The Ganges is a semi Apartment and Studio Suite style of accommodation with proximity to the river Ganga

2) As hotel is located in Rishikesh so hotel do not serve alcohol or Non Veg Food in our property -this is an underling aspect which needs to be conveyed to the guests

3) Two Bed Room Apartments ( One Living Room + 02 Master bed rooms with attached individual
bath facility ) or Deluxe and Superior room category


· Early check-ins or late check-outs will be subject to availability and charged as per hotel policy.

· The rates are valid for the dates of travel and hotels as indicated.

· In case of any change in the dates of travel, amendment or rerouting of itinerary, change in hotels/room types, the costs will vary accordingly.

· In the event of circumstances/situations such as road blockage due to strike/agitation, natural calamities, sickness evacuation, elay/cancellation of train/flight etc. Also, due to monsoon rains and extreme weather patterns journey time can vary enormously at all times of year, which is beyond our control. Amount will be Nonrefundable.

· Very Few Twin rooms available at hotel thus incase all the rooms are on Twin we can offer 2 separate Blanket only & May not be able divide the mattress into 02. (First come first serve basis)

· All the above quoted rates are valid for requested travel dates all the luxury taxes /services applicable as of now, any other taxes imposed by the Govt. of India/State Govt. in future, shall be levied extra and the same would be applicable without prior notice.

· Porterage will have to be paid directly by the guests.

· Above price does not include any Airfare / Train Tickets a OR transfers from Railway station OR any Airport to the Hotel....its purely accommodation package.

· Air Ticket, Arrival transfers can be arranged at an additional cost & it will be borne by the participant.

· You will share bed in a Two bedroom Hall apartment / You will share Twin bed Superior room.


Method of Payment

To pay in Cash or Bank Transfer to the following :

    Bank Name : Maybank

    Swift Code : MBBESGSG

    Bank Code : 7302

    Branch Code : 014

    Account Type : Current 

    Account Number : 64140055880

    * Please note that ALL Bank Charges to be borned by the Remitter 


Flight schedules


Train schedules

Retreat Terms and Conditions :

  • The Lighthouse Productions is not responsible for any of your items which are either lost, stolen or damaged during the Retreat.
  • You will be held liable for any loss or damage caused by You to the accommodation and contents during the Retreat. In such an event, The Lighthouse Productions reserves the right to charge You an additional fee.
  • To the extent permitted by the law, You agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless, The Lighthouse Productions,  its Personnel and Rae Chandran against, from and in respect of all expenses, costs, liabilities, claims, actions, proceedings, damages, judgments and losses of any kind whatsoever (including but not limited to consequential and economic losses, property loss/damage and damages for injury, including personal injury and death) arising out of, caused by, attributable to or resulting from:

i) your booking or your stay at the Retreat; or

ii) your participation in the Retreat


Cancellation Policies

  • If You cancel your Retreat booking, the following charges will apply in relation to each booking:

i) If You cancel more than 60 days before your Retreat check-in date, 100% of your payment excluding deposit and bank charges will be refunded.

ii) If You cancel 31 – 59 days before your Retreat check-in date, 50% of your payment excluding deposit and bank charges will be refunded. 

iii) If You cancel 30 days or less before your Retreat check-in date, you will forfeit the full amount including the deposit. 

  • The Lighthouse Productions may, at its absolute discretion, cancel any booking. You will be offered either a booking credit or full refund of all monies excluding bank charges which You have already paid. 
  • If You are issued with a booking credit to be applied to another Retreat, such credit will be valid for twelve months from the day the booking is cancelled. 
  • If You arrive late or do not show up for your Retreat or terminate your booking early after You have checked in.  You will not be entitled to any refunds or booking credits. 


About Rae Chandran


Rae Chandran was invited by The Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at the United Nations building in New York City to present his work on 20 May 2016.


Profile Photo4Rae Chandran is a teacher, channeler and energy healer. He has been on the path of Self Discovery for over three decades now and through the awakenings and understandings he has had over these years, he shares these truths to all the people he comes in contact with. He teaches these truths through the various workshops he conducts in many parts of the world like Japan, USA, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai, India and Vietnam. He also leads people to power spots and power vortexes in countries like Egypt, Israel, Greece and Morocco. Rae Chandran is the author of five books.  All the contents of all these books are completely channeled. Three more books from Rae will be published later this year. On 20th May 2016, Rae was invited to the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at the United Nations building in New York City where he will present the topic "Sacred Geometry and Symbols to achieve balance". Rae Chandran's messages and articles regularly appears in the Channeled Magazine from US called Sedona Journal and also has been on many of the internet platforms in US, Europe and Asia. He has also been on the radio show in many countries like Taiwan, US and Malaysia.

Rae Chandran also channels Symbols for healing and transformation and he has channeled over 400 symbols. Rae hails from India, but have taken up residence in Japan for the past 16 years. He lives with his wife and two kids in Tokyo. To know more about his work, please click here. You can view his videos on channelling and his work here.


Participants Testimonials 

"The 1-day Mahakundalini workshop was the most powerful spiritual event I have ever experienced. By lunchtime that day, my life and destiny had been changed forever; I felt that I had achieved massive steps in my spiritual growth. In fact, I would consider this workshop to be one of the highlights of my life.

I am the kind of person who usually doesn't "feel" anything, so imagine my surprise when the kundalini energy was so strong that my body shook back and forth uncontrollably, so much so that the chair I was sitting on was transformed into a transportation device (nope, it didn't have any wheels) - I was transported several metres across the room (our eyes were closed, by the way)! Since the workshop less than a month ago, I feel more at peace, am happier and my heart is more open. More and more deeper spiritual truths are being revealed to me, and I have experienced a few "synchronicities" that have added more meaning to my life.

Rae is a fantastic, sincere teacher with a pure heart; through his teachings, you will progress far. If you are serious about your spiritual growth and ascension, please go for this and Rae's other classes!"

- Vishnu, Singapore

"Before attending Maha kundalini workshop. I kept hesitating -Am I ready for this? Am I ready to receive this divine gift. I hold on this thoughts for a couple of days. Finally I go for Nike. Just do it. I have full faith with Master Rae, prior to this workshop. I have attended Master Rae workshop. The experience was indeed profound working with energy. No words can describe it can only be experienced. This time I gave full trust that Master Rae Will bring all of us to another new height. Before we begin, Master Rae explained the background of Maha kundalini and informed us that 5 levels will be activated. We were told using a special breathing technique throughout the 5 levels with eyes closed and focus just on ourself. When the process begin, Master Rae was chanting sound for each level. I remembered at one of the level, I recalled a few of my past life. A lot of grief was buried in me for so so long and carried forward in this life. I felt tremendous release from my past. The whole experience was indeed a divine gift and most importantly it was safe. I am glad I am here. My deepest graditude to Master Rae for his high energy work. I highly recommend that you should sign up for his Maha kundalini workshop."

- Michelle Yeo, Yoga teacher, Singapore

"The call to Mahakundalini is a special one for light workers and for that, it also requires a special teacher and facilitator. Rae has undoubtedly been called upon to help lightworkers like myself rise to ascension in this lifetime. Throughout the session, Rae's guidance was strong and unwavering. He was the beacon and rock in what seemed for some of us a challenging yet liberating journey. I certainly recommend having Rae Chandran play a part in any lightworkers' journey to ascension."

- Winnie C, Adjunct Polytechnic Lecturer, Singapore

"Intuitively, I signed up for this Maha Kundalini class despite that I did not know exactly what this class was about. The name Maha Kundalini attracted me and somehow I knew I had to attend it amidst my crazy schedule for the week. Indeed the class was exceedingly amazing and powerful. I never knew breathing combined with sound could arise so much power and energy within my body. The spontaneous power within was energetically awakened and clearing out all my old deep-rooted energy that was stuck inside for ages. I felt as if my inner soul had waited for this moment of kundalini awakening for many life times now. I had done much spiritual work and attended many classes, but none could bring me to this level. Words can't express my true gratitude for this powerful awakening. I feel blessed and I thank Rae and the supported energy within the class for this phenomenal kundalini experience."

-Iris Tan, Managing Director, Singapore

"I have always been intrigued and fascinated with Kundalini Energy and any mention of it to be taught in any upcoming talks, lectures, courses, workshops or meditation sessions etc. will certainly attract my attention and participation. When I heard from Guru Rae, on preview night, that he'll be including the "MahaKundalini" in the Shamanic Healing Workshop that he was to be conducting a few days later, I lost no time in signing up at short notice even though I have other plans for that period. I am super glad to have attended the "MahaKundalini" workshop as the experience was way beyond what I had expected. From Guru Rae's brief description of the workshop on preview night, I had already primed myself to expect something special. But the experience turned out to be way beyond "the special" that I was expecting – it had been extraordinarily mind blowing. The intensity of the experience was equivalent to all my many years of Kundalini Meditation experiences lumped together and put on 'steroid'. Now I am looking forward anxiously to the next higher level session which Guru Rae said should be coming soon. Thank you very much Guru Rae for this extraordinary experience.

With Much Gratittude from:

Patrick Ching ( humble and appreciative student), Singapore"

"Thank you for bringing Rae and his courses to Singapore. It's my first acquaintance with him and I felt his good vibes and his willingness to teach , share and provide answers for our learning. The Shamanic and MahaKundalini course which I attended in February 2017 was eye-opening and allow me to find the wisdom within. I am glad to have come for these courses and also meet up with other like-minded nice people which made the course more fulfilling due to the group energy.

Good luck to you and Rae on all future endeavour."

- Yvonne Yap, Accounting Director. Singapore

"If you take your spiritual path seriously, you will need to raise your Kundalini eventually. I am glad I attended the MahaKundalini workshop. It is wonderful and awesome to experience the Awesome Design of the Divine Spirit! I trust Rae, he is a master in this field. He conducted with ease, great knowledge and Power! This workshop is a constant reminder to have balance in one's life, to love yourself and always remember the Divinity within us. Thank you Rae!"

-Saw Lay Kim, Administrative Manager, Singapore

"I felt a deep sense of gratitude and peace after the MahaKundalini activations. Each time the layer is activated, I felt more and more sacred and blissful. When one sister started to chant Om Mani Padme Hum during the activations, everything comes into perspective and I have never felt so much of my higher divine self and I wept with joy. Prior to this, I would have never believe that one can achieve ascension so quickly in just half a day. It is such an easy process thanks to the wonderful and loving guidance of Rae and the powerful group energy in the class. Can't wait to attend our Bali retreat with all my family this November!"

- Jenny Cheong, Managing Director, Singapore


* Part of the profit of The Lighthouse Productions will be donated to its charity beneficiaries.

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